May have to re-home my goats

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May have to re-home my goats Empty May have to re-home my goats

Post  Grassmonster on Mon Aug 30, 2010 6:33 pm

Due to a relationship breakup, it's looking increasingly likely thaat I may have to rehome my goats. I've moved out of the house into a caravan behind the goatshed on my friend's farm but winter is approaching and since I don't drive, I will be increasingly having to rely on friends to get in hay and straw for me. While friends may be willing to do this on an emergency basis, I can't expect them to do this long-term. Unless something unforeseen drops out of the woodwork, I will have to part with them all. I have:
1. John - 7 year old entire Golden Guernsey billy - lovely nature, not destructive, will stay in the vicinity of his girls without going berserk or trying to jump in with them even when they are in season.
2. Merlin - 3 year old horned British Saanan X GG wether - again, nice nature
3. Iolo and Dylan - Two two year old disbudded British Saanan X Golden Guernsey wethers - preferably to go together - lovely softies
4. Emlyn - four year old BS x GG wether - huge,tall and loves cuddles - never butts or prats - wonderful with children
5. Eira - ten year old BS x Toggie - had decided to retire her this after producing this years kid - has been a very good milker and could be put in kid again - just felt she deserved retirement.
6. Nia and Lowri - twin sisters BS x GG - Nia kidded last year and has been a prolific milker. Lowri kidded this year and is also a very good milker - both have been dried off because I have no-where to store milk or make cheese in the caravan
7. Arianwen and Rhiannon Eira's and Lowri's kids from this year. If mums are anything to go by, should be good milkers.
8. And finally, Kes - pet only - rescue goat that I kidded once and she was a very poor milker. Character-wise, she's my favourite and parting with her will be hardest. She has "attitude" but she actually likes attention - prefers humans to other goats and likes a hug. Will play the "up on the back legs" goat games with me but never makes contact - usually a prelude to a hugging session.

None of the goats are registered except Eira .

Good loving homes essential - wethers NOT to go for meat. Would rather PTS at home.


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