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Breeding help please Empty Breeding help please

Post  Faithmead on Wed Mar 24, 2010 3:41 pm

I've seen the most gorgeous male kid that I would love to buy as a Stud Male for my girls. However, his Father is the same Father as one of my girls. Is this going to be too close to be able to use him on what would be his ??half sister (I think Neutral )

Thanks all


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Breeding help please Empty Re: Breeding help please

Post  darylandgoats on Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:14 pm

Hi Faithmead,

I have only been keeping goats for 4 years and only overseen one lot of kiddings however to use the male your describing sounds a bit iffy. Someone else on the forum will hopefully know more but if it was me I would try and find another male. What your proposing is called Line Breeding (Someone will correct me if I am wrong) and it can be used to improve a herd but can also wreck a good herd, it effectively accentuates the dominant traits common to both animals. According to a few websites I checked out the only breeding you should definatley avoid if line breeding is breeding full brother to full sister.

I am not expert but to me it sounds like a risk, there are lots of lovely stud males out there, and even if there isn't one locally you could consider AI.

Hope that was helpful, although it is only my opinion.

Let us know what you decide.



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